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The initiatives of the project
Niasca Portofino

The project Niasca Portofino (a company founded by Portofino residents and regulars, passionate about the village) has the purpose to: restore local traditions; reuse abandoned land; revamp decaying buildings; bootstrap virtuous local businesses; offer high quality and at a reasonable price services and products; make Portofino alive and kicking 12 months a year; stretching the peak season; convey the beauty of Portofino and its local products in Italy and abroad.

These goal will be reached through 4 synergistic initiatives:

- Small mixed farming,(we bed out herbs and spices, citrus trees and ancient varieties of fruit trees. We maintain hundreds of olive trees);

- Quality food manufacturing,(we are equipping two small
workshops in Portofino).

- Food market (we are opening a tasting point in Portofino).

- Courses (we work closely with local communities in order to target educational institutions, hikers, cruises and whoever is interested in Portofino).




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