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“Its unique quality ice cream”

In a sector such as the food industry, dominated by huge multinationals, an artisan ice-cream company founded in the place where Alicante ice-cream first originated is positioning itself as the finest Spain-wide company in the ice-cream sector.

The art of authentic tradition

At Helados Alacant we have kept the best recipes of our forebears to produce a unique ice-cream that is authentic and naturalness without preservatives.

Unique ingredients

Our ice-creams are made from the finest ingredients through a partially manual process, which explains how we achieve such unique and inimitable products. It is a traditional process that consists of gently whisking the product at a low temperature to acquire the texture and creaminess that are characteristic of authentic ice-creams, avoiding ice crystals that can have an adverse effect on quality.

Made with skimmed milk, they are an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin B2. And, best of all, they hardly have any calories, with only 3% to 8% per serving of the 2000 calories that our body needs daily.

Recreational and social importance

Ice-creams go beyond the barrier of being strictly "food" to move into a dimension that is more recreational and hedonistic, linked to satisfaction and pleasure.

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