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Inventiveness and passion fruit bergamot of Antoninus, one of the brothers Autelitano, company owners, who so wanted to enjoy a wider audience all the freshness of this unique citrus.

Remembering the taste of beverages made with bergamot, made sparkling by a bit of baking soda, that grandparents prepared in the sunny days of August, Anthony has created a cool drink, refreshing and digestive with real bergamot juice.

The goodness of this drink is recognized and appreciated by an increasingly large number of people both in Calabria in Italy but also abroad.

Finally, the prize for best new drink at Vinitaly 2011 in Verona.

Our company, which is surrounded by a plantation of this citrus, uses it to produce beer. As fresh fruit, bergamot, it is great to make the most wholesome juices ideal to control cholesterol and promote the reduction of triglycerides, as shown by recent studies by the cardiologist Sidney Ross Walker. Great in the kitchen to prepare fresh salads and delicious dishes. Our bergamot is organic as certified by ECOGRUPPO ITALY No. 3E18/01-Sezione B.

The answer to the classic Mediterranean fruit cup, also known as summer cup, English. Aromas of berries and citrus fruits are brought to the surface through the bubbles Bergotto. This is a new drink soda, the whole of Calabria, obtained thanks to a good dose of juice and essence of bergamot from Calabria.

The product in the bottle with crown cap, uses cold therocks and falls on a brush for the preparation of non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits. Refreshing and digestive variant "robust" could be accompanied by spirits such as gin.

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