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In a sector such as the food industry, dominated by huge multinationals, an artisan ice-cream company founded in the place where Alicante ice-cream first originated is positioning itself as the finest Spain-wide company in the ice-cream sector. Its unique quality is thanks to traditional old family recipes and secrets. And that's because everyone values quality and flavour in a genuine traditional ice-cream. It's not good enough just looking like one - it has to be one.

The art of authentic tradition

Helados Alacant products are created and sold by expert ice-cream makers who share a common history: the artisan tradition of the region where Alicante's ice-creams, world-famous for their high quality, first originated. For this reason, they are creamy and offer a wide variety of flavours that conquer even the most discriminating palates.

Long ago, the "Nevater" (snow worker) trade used to exist and in winter our region provided the essential raw material: snow. This was kept during the winter in wells so that in summer it could be taken at night to the preparation areas where ice-cream was made and then sold during the day. Thanks to those very "Nevaters" the trade of artisan ice-cream maker came into being.

At Helados Alacant we have kept the best recipes and secrets of our forebears to produce a unique ice-cream that is authentic and able to make the palate aware of this expert tradition that has been passed down through centuries of history.

Unique ingredients

A quality product made from the finest raw materials. Because our ice-creams demand this, we have established a rigorous selection process through which only the most choice ingredients providing the greatest guarantee are selected: base products that maintain all their freshness and naturalness without preservatives.
Authentically natural creaminess and texture

Our ice-creams are made from the finest ingredients and by means of a production process based in the preparation areas of our ice-cream parlours. Part of this process is manual, which explains how we achieve such unique and inimitable products. It is a traditional process that consists of gently whisking the product at a low temperature to acquire the texture and creaminess that are characteristic of authentic ice-creams, avoiding ice crystals that can have an adverse effect on quality.

When quality makes you unique, the best thing to do is to enjoy it.

Helados Alacant has an R+D+i Department whose principal purpose is constant innovation, research and development of new products and flavours. Our ice-creams have the same objectives as those set out by the Ministry of Health and Consumerism with regard to the Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention of Obesity (NAOS), the aim of which is to improve eating habits and promote the practice of physical activity among the entire population, and especially in children. The R+D report on ice-cream and its influence on well-being reflects the significant lowering of fat content in ice-cream, by 10 to 40 per cent, as well as the reduction of the use of saturated fats and improved quality of the fat used.

The company's firm commitment to quality is reflected in the implementation of the HACPP system of critical points into its production process and working under the regulations of AENOR certified quality and the IFS of German distribution. Our internal quality controls are established beyond regulatory demand, to thereby strengthen the quality and safety of all our products.

Authentic tradition with only a few calories

At Helados Alacant we gently whisk our ice-creams following a rigorous and traditional production process based in the workshops of our ice-cream parlours. Made with skimmed milk, they are an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin B2. And, best of all, they hardly have any calories, with only 3% to 8% per serving of the 2000 calories that our body needs daily.
Significant source of calcium

The milk content in our milk-based ice-creams constitutes an excellent and pleasant way to complement your calcium intake at any age. They reach up to 135mg of calcium per 100g of product.
Source of proteins of high nutritional quality

The ice-creams contain proteins with a high nutritional value. The amount of proteins in milk-based ice-creams ranges from 2.5g to 4g per 100g of product.
Natural products

Freezing is a non-aggressive preservation technique which ensures that the nutritional value of the raw materials, thanks to the cold chain, remains stable throughout the entire life of the product without the need for preservatives.

Recreational and social importance

Owing to their worldwide characteristics, ice-creams go beyond the barrier of that which is strictly "food" to move into a dimension that is more recreational and hedonistic, linked to satisfaction and pleasure.

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